Ponderings on the World Series

I was very excited to see the success of the Red Sox. They clearly kicked their game up a gear after going down to Cleveland 3-1. After that point, they never looked back. It is amazing how they dominated the World Series. I have to say that I was nervous on Saturday night during the first game in Colorado. When the Rockies hit the 3 run homer off of Okajima, it looked like they were starting to make a run. My concern was that if they were able to parlay that into a win then the momentum could shift especially since they were playing on their home field. Fortunately this did not occur since Ellsbury and company scored 3 runs in the next inning.

There is another issue that I have been pondering. The media have proclaimed the Red Sox "World Champions". This is an interesting point. The world is very large and there are many nations that play baseball. By winning the World Series (also an interesting name…) can we really say that they are world champions? Perhaps, we are assuming that baseball in the US is better than anywhere else in the world, hence the winner is "World Champions." Is that really a fair assumption? I am not trying to be difficult, but the title has really made me ponder.

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