Open Source Software

I am a big fan of Linux and in fact this blog you are reading today is powered by Linux.  A key element of Linux is open source software.  Essentially, this is software that is publicly available for free and the source code is also available.  The source code is the key and the bug difference between open source and so called closed source is that users can customize the software.  Closed-source software, like say Windows, is tightly controlled and the source code is never allowed out.

As part of my post, I wanted to highlight some of the open source software that I use the most frequently:

Apache  (Webserver)

Gallery (Web photo sharing application)

MySQL (Database, powering this site.)

b2evolution (This blog software)

Squirrelmail (Webmail program)

Postfix (SMTP program for sending email)

Courier IMAP (POP3/IMAP Client)

These are LINUX programs.  Here are a couple of good Windows programs:

Filezilla (Free FTP program)

GIMP (Free competitor to Photoshop)

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