Red Sox and the 2007 ALCS

The ALCS really started out well for the Red Sox with a stellar performance from Josh Beckett. He continues his trend of consistently outstanding performances in the playoffs. Unfortunately, things have just headed downhill since then. IMO, Curty Schilling’s performance was a paradigm of mediocrity. We were fortunate to end the 9th tied.

The ultimate travesty is that Francona actually brought in Eric Gagner in the later innings. His record is just awful and has to go down as one of the worst acquisitions in recent years. Nothing goes right when he comes in and we have seen consistent history of him blowing saves. Thus it should come as no surprise that his performance led to the loss.

Now we are in game 3 and yet again things look bad. The Indians are up 4-0 and they just pulled Matsuzaka. I just don’t have a good feeling about the game and the series as a whole. We will see what happens, but I would not be surprised to see the Red Sox lose.

The only good thing is that the football season has now started and so I have started to immerse myself in the NFL. The Patriots are just doing great and the new receiving corps is truly outstanding.

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