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I have recently been doing some research into open source web portal software. I need to create a portal for my company and so am looking at the various options. My initial analysis yielded three options which are highlighted below:

  1. Metadot
  2. Mambo
  3. Joomla!

Each of the packages above have their pros and cons. I installed and tested two of them and have decided which way to go. Here is what I found:

This provides a very attractive portal out of the box. Ease of use is excellent.

Perl based design makes for extremely complex installation. (Must not only install perl, but also 10-20 specific module for the application.) Awful performance — This application performed terribly in my environment which was annoying.

PHP/MySQL based. Strong installed base and support community. Many add-on components available.

Confusing history since this is a derivation from Mambo. Upcoming release of new version.

In the end I chose Joomla. The application seemed to have the best support community and add-on developers. Truthfully, it was a bit of a toss-up between this and Mambo given the application similarity.

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