Update on Web Portal Software

I previously posted about the various web portal options I was considering. I had narrowed the choice down to Metadot and Joomla/Mambo and decided to go with Joomla.

I now have a couple of months under my belt with Joomla and have to say that it is a great product. I really like it. The whole extension concept with Joomla is very valuable because it has allowed me to add additional features and functions. I have installed the following plugins and have been happy with them.

  • Docman – Excellent document repository
  • Jevents Calendar – An easy to use event calendar
  • JCE – An updated HTML editor
  • mosKnowledgeBase – I actually purchased this component because I wanted a KB option and this looked the best.

I would highly recommend this tool to anyone interested. I am still using the older pre 1.5 version due to the fact that 1.5 is still in testing with limited plug-in support. I will upgrade at some point, but am in no rush since I am happy with my current installation and configuration.

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