I have not posted recently on the Pats and thought that now would be good time. I have been amazed with the team this year. They have a track record of success, but they have also had a knack of keeping games close. That is, they rarely blew anyone out, but always found a way to win by a small margin.

In the first two games, it has been different. The team is now loaded with quality targets for Brady and a good running game. The team has the potential to not only win games, but crush opponents. We have seen this consistently in the last two games and I hope that it continues.

One more note, is that I was surprised by the Chargers last week. The team has been highly promoted given their success last year. It was just so surprising that they looked so hopeless on offense and defense. I was expecting much more from them. I am wondering whether the Pats caught them off guard or the defense and offense are really that bad. Time will tell I suppose.

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