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I live in MA and am a user of Comcast high speed Internet. The service works fine and provides excellent download performance the problem is crappy upload speeds. I just ran a speed test at Speakeasy and found download speeds of about 5.5 Mb/sec and upload speeds of about 360 Kb/sec. I find the slow upload speeds frustrating. The issue is that I periodically upload data for backup purposes and it takes forever. Fortunately, this leverages a cron job in Linux at 1:00 AM, but there is not reason that it should be so slow. Why do they limit upload speeds so much? I assume that it is a cable bandwidth and/or technology limitation and is frustrating.

What I am looking forward to is FiOS. This is the new broadband to the home service offered by Verizon. It looks very interesting and promises about 15 Mb/sec downloads and 2 Mb/sec uploads, a dramatic improvement over Comcast. Lance Ulanoff from PC Magazine wrote about the installation process. Personally, I really want this service. I am frustrated with the weak upload performance of Comcast and would be interested in trying something new. Unfortunately, FiOS is not currently available in my neighborhood. The reality is that my town is fairly rural and so it is unclear when or even if FiOS will be available in my town. Trust me, the moment it is available, I will order it.

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