New cellphone technology from T-Mobile

T-Mobile just quietly released a new and interesting technology on their network. They basically created a way to incorporate voice over IP in their phones by enabling calling over WiFi. What the technology essentially is allow your cellphone to connect to the T-Mobile network over WiFi when a WiFi network is in range and then use normal cellular connectivity when WiFi is not available. Let me give an example.

You are talking on the phone to colleague when the call drops a mile from your house because of poor cell coverage in your neighborhood. Once you get home, your cellphone recognizes your home WiFi network and immediately connects to it. You can not make and receive calls normally on your cellphone using only WiFi with no cellular coverage needed! How cool is that? The technology will also supposably allow you to hand off coverage between the two networks and so if you are WiFi and have to leave, the phone will automatically switch to cellular and your call will continue normally.

This is an interesting technology because it helps T-Mobile with the problem of poor coverage. Where I live, their coverage is the worst in general, but I get almost no coverage at my house. This would be a nice way to enable coverage at my house using my existing network. This could also work in my office where coverage is equally spotty.

I am curious to read the reviews of how well this really works. Here is the first hands review that I have seen:

Engadget Mobile Hands On

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