Okay so here we are on the verge of the release of the iPhone. We have already seen a number of reviews on the Internet of the new phone. The general consensus is that it does many things well, and yet ironically it gets knocked for note being a great phone! I find that rather unsurprising.

As one would imagine, the hype for the new iPhone is crazy. Apple is an interesting company. They have this dedicated fan base of people who love all their stuff and are always buying iPods and Macs just because. Then there are people who don’t really care about everything Apple and may just buy an iPod because it happened to be the MP3 player that fit their needs. (This is me; personally I do not think that an iPod is the best MP3 player out there because it requires iTunes which I detest, but I digress.) Then there is the third group who could care less about anything Apple. The interesting thing is that the iPhone will appeal directly to the first crowd. The problem is that the device is waaaayyyy to expensive to appeal to the second crowd and the third will never buy it.

The interesting to see about the iPhone is not how it sells on opening day. It is a no-brainer, it will sell as the die hard Apple folk buy it, but rather how it is selling in 6 months after all the die hards have bought it. I personally believe that the phone is just too expensive and ironically not good enough as a phone!

Oh well, time will tell…

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