Las Vegas

I travel periodically to Las Vegas for work. It is amazing how developed the area has become. Hotels and restaurants are everywhere. The other interesting point is that it is actually very expensive. In the old days, it was very cheap to visit Vegas with the food and hotel rooms selling for significant discounts versus other destinations. These days that is not the case. The food is as expensive if not more expensive than found in other destinations. In fact a couple of the restaurants that I ate it had prices that were very similar to restaurants in New York.

This brings me to my final question. Does it make sense to pay a premium to visit Las Vegas? I imagine it might if you are a hardcore gambler, but if that is not your thing then I am not sure it is worth. Sure there is alot to see and do, but in my opinion you can over most of the important things in a long weekend. I travel here for work and the more I come here, the more I realize that there are better places to go on a trip than Vegas.

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