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I recently ran across this article on Digg, ironically. It looks like people were so upset by Digg’s actions that they inundated the site with listings for the HD-DVD key. This basically brought the site to its knees and Digg could not delete the posts fast enough. In a post on the Digg Blog, the CEO acknowledged that they had received a cease and desist order, but that they decided to stop deleting the posts. In the end, Digg caved to their users demand. They faced a difficult choice of following the cease and desist and having their site be unusable to due angry posters or post the information anyway and deal with the legal consequences. Clearly, they initially went with the first approach and had no idea how strong the pushback would be. In the end, their users really gave them no choice. It is nice to see consumers/users win one.

Here are a couple of additional articles on the situation:


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