Bomb scare in Boston

It is unbelievable what happened today in Boston. It seems like a guerilla marketing program gone bad. I personally have no problem with guerilla marketing, but in this day and age of terrorist threats hanging random devices throughout a city is a really bad idea. Here is a picture of the device from Fox News:

Looking at the device, it is hard to tell exactly what it is. It certainly has a picture of a character, but it is unclear what is contained in the tape covered part on the bottom and that could certainly contain explosives.

Clearly the Police Department and other related emergency agencies responded promptly and appropriately to the unknown situation. Remember, they did not know what was going on and could have considered it a planned coordinated attack of some sort. It is terrible that so many city, state and federal resources were wasted due to this marketing gimmick. I think that Turner should reimburse all of the impacted agencies for their cost related to the events of today.

On a side note, they arrested the guy who put the lights up. It looks to be a young artist who took this as a side job. Certainly he bears some responsibility, but I believe that the lawyers should go after the marketing agency and Turner. They are the people behind this and the student was just a poor kid trying to make a few bucks on the side.

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