Terrible Tragedy

There are many headlines locally about a stabbing at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. This is a high school in a very affluent suburb of Boston and is a terrible story. Evidently two children got had a disagreement or fight and one of them pulled a knife and stabbed the other. Sadly, the child who was stabbed died. What an absolutely horrible tragedy, and it makes you realize that these kind of things can happy anywhere. You want to think that these kind of things happen in other places, but the reality is that it can happen anywhere.

There are not many details on the above situation, but you can’t help to wonder what would drive a student to kill another. Is it extreme anger, some kind of emotional disorder or something entirely different? Regardless, it is awful and hopefully we can some learn some lesson from this to prevent this from happening. Of course, that is little consolation for the parents who lost their son. I feel for them and can only imagine the pain they are going through.

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