Everyone seems to be writing about this game. It is a huge game for both teams that arguably pits the NFLs two best quarterbacks against each other. Clearly the Pats have an advantage in playoff and head-to-head records. They also have a strong defense. However, Manning’s receiving corps is clearly every explosive and difficult to cover. What makes this more difficult is that the Pats secondary is probably their biggest weak spot on defense.

It is hard to handicap the Colts defense since they looked porous during the season and yet to their credit have come on very strongly in the post season. Of course, the Pats offense is also very strong given their numerous weapons at running back. Of course, they do not have the star power at receiver that the Colts have, but Gaffney, Caldwell and Brown and have done a solid job as the wide outs.

You may wonder what I think will happen. IMO, the game is too close to call; I like the Pats to win a close one.

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