Blu-Ray and Adult Entertainment

I was perusing the net and saw this article. It is an interesting article discussing how Sony will not allow hardcore adult movies on Blu-ray (e.g. XXX movies). I don’t watch XXX movies, but do believe that it is not Sony’s place to say what should or should not be on Blu-ray disks. I believe in freedom of speech if you want to create a movie with consenting adults then you should be able to do so. I do not think Sony (or any other HD format provider) should have the right to choose what films should or should not be displayed on their format. If this is okay, then what is to stop them from deciding that other movie are also not appropriate. Who gave them the right to decide what I can or cannot watch on Blu-ray? If this is really true, it provides an interesting insight into Blu-ray. Note that the company claims that they have no such problems with HD-DVD.

Update: It turns out that this issue is due to Sony’s restrictions and not Blu-ray issues. The Blu-ray alliance is actually okay with this type of content. Here is an article discussing this.

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