Holy cow! The above game just ended, and I cannot believe it. I am still feeling stressed about the game and am amazed of the outcome. It seemed like the Chargers had control much of the game, and yet the Pats came back at the end and won. The game was pretty ugly with multiple interceptions and yet the team still managed to pull it out. it was unbelievable how well Jabbar Gaffney played. Yes, Caldwell had a great game, but he has been playing very well as of late. There is no way, I would have expected Gaffney to play the way he did.

No it is on to the Colts and that is going to be a very serious challenge. Those guys are a very strong team and Manning is an outstanding QB. The historic criticism of the Colts was their weak defense, but their defense has shown an incredible resurgence during the playoffs.

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