Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

There is some interesting highlights from Engadget on the Blu-Ray press conference at CES. It is interesting because it sounds like the Blu-Ray folks are declaring victory over the competing HD-DVD standard. I have posted on this topic before, and this whole nextgen DVD format war is a complete mess. Both groups are hurting their own market and limiting adoption of the new standards. Why would you buy a DVD with either standard when it is unclear whether either standard will exist in 6 months? Even for me, an early adopter, it makes no sense to take the plunge. (Note to self: Write a How-To on Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD.)

The only good news is the LG has announced a DVD player that plays both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. This is a brute force method of solving the format problem, but it seems so pointless to buy such a potentially solution to this issue. If only, the two groups would agree or one of the formats would just go away.

Oh well, if the above post is true maybe it means that Blu-Ray will dominate and that HD-DVD will whither away. We’ll see.

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