Blackberry 8800

In my perusing, I noticed more pictures of the new Blackberry 8800 appearing. I believe that these originally surfaced at howardforums, but were promptly pulled down. Fortunately a number of sites picked them up and I found them on BBHub. This is interesting because it looks like the long awaited next gen Blackberry may be surfacing. The latest rumors suggest that we will see this by the end of this quarter. We will see….

I think that the phone looks good, but am a bit frustrated by the lack of HSDPA. This is Cingular’s new speed 3G wireless data service, and is a very compelling feature. I have no idea why RIM chose not to include this feature. Perhaps it is because the coverage is limited (changing) or it was a time to market issue? Regardless, this is a big black mark against the phone in my book, but the mark may not be big enough to prevent me from purchasing it.

Update: It looks like BBhub removed the pictures. This site has them now.

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