Pats vs. Jaguars

Last weekend, I watched the Pats play the Jaguars. It was a very close game and the Pats managed to pull it out. The frustration is that part of the reason the game was so close was due to mental errors by the Pats. Specifically, that touchdown run by Maurice Drew-Jones was only successful because of a mental error by the pats. They assumed he was down and stopped playing defense. While he did fall down, it was clear that he was not touched by a Patriot.

The other issue is that it still felt like Tom Brady was not on his top game. He did well on the short passes, but seemed to struggle with some other passes. Specifically, in the last series he had a shot at a wide open Troy Brown for a key first down that would have clinched the win. Unfortunately, he completely missed Troy and the ball was turned over to the Jags. It looked like a dire situation for the Patriots until the defense forced the turnover which ended the game.

IMO, the Pats need to play better than this if they want to succeed in the playoffs. They need to bring their A game every time and the Pats have had a difficult times consistently playing well. They have shown some bright spots over the last few games. Hopefully they can continue the momentum.

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