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In my previous posts on Windows based mobile phones I mentioned both the Blackjack and the Cingular 8525. It occurred to me recently that while these both phones both use the same OS, they use very different versions. I decided to research this more and stumbled across this site which focuses on PocketPC based devices and technology. They have two articles highlighting the pros and cons of the different versions. Here are the links:

Pros and Cons of Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition (Used by the Motorola Q, the Blackjack and the T-Mobile Dash)

Pros and Cons of Windows Mobile Phone Edition (Used by the Cingular 8525, HP iPaqs and a variety of others.)

To summarize, the full version of Windows Mobile supports larger screen sizes, touch screens and it provides the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents. The Mobile Phone Edition provides more limited functionality and does not provide/support any of the aforementioned features.

Hopefully this helps shed some light on the situation.

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