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I previously posted about my challenges in choosing a new PDA/phone. The options were wait for a new device from RIM or choose one the two HSDPA phones from Cingular: the Blackjack or the 8525. (Note that HSDPA is Cingular’s new high speed network that delivers multi-megabit download speeds.) I have made more progress in the making decision, and I have summarized my current thoughts on each phone below:

  • RIM – I am a big fan of RIM devices and this currently looks like the most likely option. Of course, since the product has not even been announced, it is unclear when it will be released. The other issue is that the specs suggest that it does not support the new high speed HSDPA network from Cingular which is a major bummer.
  • Blackjack – On the surface this looked like a great option. Someone from work recently purchased one of these and I had a chance to play with it. First, I thought that the keyboard was very bad. The keys are too small making it difficult to type letters without mistakenly pressing multiple keys. I was also unimpressed with the performance of the Internet and the quality of the Internet browser.
  • 8525 – One of my colleagues has the older version of this, the 8125. The feedback I received from him was not good. He disliked the phone intently and felt that it was a bear to use. The other issue is that the sliding keyboard is not conducive to one-handed operation. As it stands, I am thinking that this is not the right phone either.
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