Halftime — Pats vs Colts

The game has been a high-scoring affair so far which IMO plays into the hands of the Colts. There are two key problems facing the Pats.

  1. The defense has shown a complete inability to stop the Colts offense. Peyton Manning is a quality quarterback, and the Pats need to do something to disrupt his game. They have not gotten enough pressure on him and the secondary has been unable to come up with big plays. The defense needs to figure something out over halftime or the Pats will have a tough time winning the game.
  2. Turnover problems. Brady through two interceptions in the first half. This is a high scoring game and the Pats have to take advantage of every position. Brady flubbed two possessions with the interceptions, and fortunately the Pats are still in it.

In the end, all we can do is hope that the Pats can make adjustments to resolve the above two issues during half time. If they do not, then they are going to have a very long night with only a tiny chance of winning.

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