Ballot Question #1

As is the case every year, there are a number of ballot questions in the MA election. The one that is getting the most press and is #1. Basically, it proposes allowing food stores to sell wine. The interesting thing is that there is strong promotion on both sides. The pro side talks about the additional availability of wine and the fact that it will reduce wine prices and remove liquor store monopolies. The con side says that it will lead to more underage drinking and will negatively impact drunk driving statistics. Below are the links to the two sites:

  1. For #1
  2. Against #1

This is a tough one to judge. Both positions seem to have valid points. Of course, they are both trying to make the other position look bad and are quoting all kind of statistics showing why the other option is terrible. The truth is probably somewhere between the two positions, but it is hard to discern where the reality lies.

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