World Series

The World Series ended last night with a whimper. It was interesting because all of the pundits highly favored the Tigers over the Cardinals. The series was indeed one-sided, but in the opposite way everyone expected. I personally thought that the Tigers were going to run away with it as well. Of course, I did not have strong feelings either way.

The frustration for me was that the series was not that close. The Cardinals clearly dominated throughout. I am okay with the Cardinals winning, but would have preferred a closer series.

From a gameplay perspective, you have to give the Cardinal credit for playing well. But, IMO, the Tigers lost the series as much as the Cardinals won it. The excessive amount of pitching errors and weak hitting had a key impact on the Tigers. They hit much better through the ALCS and series before that. All of their spark and performance disappeared in the World Series. Not sure why that is; part of the issue is probably due to the Cardinals play, but IMO, that does account for all of it.

Congrats to the Cardinals nonetheless. You clearly defied the expectations of the industry pundits. I just wish it was a closer series.

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