Firefox Browser V2

Mozilla just released version 2 of the Firefox browser. I downloaded and installed it today. My initial feedback is mixed. The product is good and works just like the previous version, which IMO is the problem. I have a hard time noticing the difference in the new version. Sure, the new rev has snazzier icons and a close box on each tab, but that seems to be about it. The change release notes talk about a number of new changes, but frequently, the mostly look incremental. This release strikes me as a dot release rather than a whole new version. (e.g. 1.7 vs. 2.0) I expect more changes for a full new release and did not get it with this version. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Firefox fan and will continue to use the product as my primary browser, but I find this version underwhelming in its new features and functions. I would expect more from a major new release rather than some minor feature additions.

Who knows, hopefully V3 will be more dramatic.

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