Videogame Addiction

I ran across this post recently. It is an intersting blog entry talking about video game addiction. Essentially, the guy became addicted to World of Warcraft. He became so involved that he became a leader of guild which I think is a unified group of players.

It is interesting to read his article because you get his perspective on the game and the addictive tendencies it can cause. IMO, some people just have addictive personalities where can be at risk to become addicted to things. That could be videogames, alcohol, gambling or something else. The problem is that if someone with these tendencies gets hooked up with one of these games, you could easily imagine how it could dominate their life. I find it sad that people become so addicted that it affects the rest of their lives.

There have been times where I receive a new videogame and have short term addiction, but I cannot imagine having a videogame become such all consuming part of life. There are just so many more important things than videogames.

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