Halo 3 Multiplayer

I just ran across an interesting story at xbox360.ign.com. Someone is blogging about Halo 3. It sounds like Bungie/MS is starting to hype Halo 3 as a counter to the pending release of the PS3. The article talks about using H3 as FUD to make people re-think whether they want to purchase a PS3 or buy a 360 and wait for Halo 3. We see FUD all the time in my industry, and I am interested in MS’s attempt to do the same to weaken the PS3 launch. Not that it is surprising since the PS3 is the most competitive platform to the XBox360.

One of the other interesting revelations is that there is actually a playable multi-player version of Halo 3. Yes, supposably a number of print magazine editors were invited over to play it. If this is indeed true, we should see some interesting previews and screenshots in the next month or so. Of course, I have no idea which magazines and editors were actually in attendance, and so it is uncertain where we will find the best coverage.

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