Yankees — Out of the playoffs

I previously wrote about the MLB playoffs and my dislike of the Yankees.  So it was with some pleasure that I saw the Yankees collapse in the series against Detroit.  It is interesting because few of the pundits had predicted Detroit's success especially against the Yankees powerful hitting line up.  It is amazing that the Yankees were unable to get anything going.

The other interesting element is the incredible controversy that emerged after the loss.  All of the talk of Joe Torre and A-Rod leaving.  ESPN.com was full of stories on the situation and it looked like both of the manager and A-Rod would not be back next year.  I was surprised that that Torre would be canned given his past history of success.  Similarly, A-Rod has struggled as of late, but it is certainly not due to a lack of talent.  It seemed to me that was an overreaction to the situation, but then again, I am not George Steinbrenner.

It now seems that the controversy has settled down and both A-Rod and Torre will stay in NY.  We will see if that is indeed the case.

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