Patriots-Bengals Postgame

Wow, I am reeling from the game today. As I had previously posted, I was gave the Pats little chance of winning today. The Bengals looked too strong and the Pats too befuddled over the last few games. Thankfully, I was completely wrong. This was a huge game for them because the team had yet to step up with a championship game performance. They just barely won in the past games. In this case, they did exactly that and showed why it is they have won superbowls. The biggest question marks for the Pats this year has been the secondary and more recently the receivers. In this game, the secondary deserves extremely high marks by effectively shutting down Carson Palmer and the Bengals potent offense. They also had the ability to raise their defensive game when it counted. One of the weaknesses this year has been the defensive team's weakness on third down. This was not evident tonight and they were able to make big plays on third down. The receivers also looked good. Brady looked comfortable in the offense and with the receivers which is a dramatic change from last week. Hopefully this marks the turning point for the offense and we will see more consistent performance from them.

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