Most of the sports types this week have been lamenting the upcoming game between the Patriots and the Bengals. The Bengals has an outstanding offense with tall wide receivers and Carson Palmer leading the way. This is not a good pairing with the Patriots who have at best a questionable secondary and at worst a non-existent one. The only hope for the Pats is to play a position game using Dillon, Maroney and Faulk and try to create long drives and keep the Bengals offense off the field. We also need to hope that Tom Brady looks better. As I previously posted, Brady looked off of his game last week and if he plays the same this week, the Patriots are in serious trouble. Interestingly, the last I heard is that the Vegas line on the game is the Bengals by 6. That is not nearly as bad as I would have expected. Now I am not a gambler, but if I was, there is a good chance that I would take the Bengals despite the spread.

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