More PS3 craziness

One of my colleagues at work pre-ordered a PS3. He did so not because he wanted a unit, but because he wanted to get one so that he could resell it on eBay at a profit. This seemed like a crazy idea to me until I actually went to eBay and checked out the current listings for PS3’s. Here are a couple of samples:

  1. Pre-order 60 GB Unit – $1,399
  2. Pre-order 60 GB Unit – $1,700

It is amazing to me that these folks are selling the machines at such prices. A quick perusal of completed listings shows that people are willing to spend these ridiculous amounts of money. Check out these:

  1. 60 GB – $4,000
  2. 60 GB – $2,488
  3. 60 GB – $3,000

Note that some these auctions closed early and the units may not have been purchased at this price, but I still cannot believe these prices. I have already posted about the challenges of Blu Ray in the PS3. Given the uncertainty of Blu Ray, it does not make sense to pay these ridiculous premiums. Who knows what will happen with the PS3 platform.

Regardless, I am interested to see what happens. It will be great to have some additional competitors in the next gen console space and providing some competition for the Xbox360.

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