The New iPods

I am currently an iPod user and have the 5G 60 GB iPod Video. It is a very slick device that works well, but has one major flaw: scrolling through music. Apple's scroll wheel is a good invention and works great if you have a small amount of music, but it falls flat when you have 7,000 songs like I have. This has always been a sticking point of the iPod with me and I have been frustrated that there is no good solution. (I know that if you keep scrolling, the iPod accelerates, but it still takes forever.) When Apple announced the new 5.5G iPods, I was very excited because of the new search functionality. This was the answer to my problem above. I immediately downloaded and installed the firmware (v1.2) only to find that there was no search option! How could this be? I thought that the 5.5G iPods are virtually the same as the 5G with minor tweaks. Interestingly, the new iPods are running the same firmware and they do have a search option. Aaaaarrrrrgggggg! How frustrating is that? Apple unveils this great new search feature and only provides it for the latest versions. What about backwards compatibility for these features? How hard could it be to add the same feature to the 5G iPods. Remember that up until the announcement, they were (and still are) selling 5G iPods. I just can't figure out why they would do this to existing owners. Now, I know that we did get other features like gapless playback and videogames, but truthfully I could care less about these and would be happy to trade all for search. Please Apple, add search to 5G iPods!

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