Cory Lidle

I have been watching ESPN and following the terrible news about Cory Lidle from the Yankees.  What an awful situation, and he leaves a wife and 6 year old child.  It makes you think about how fragile life can be.  I drive to work every day, and it reminds me that there is always a possibility that I may not come home one day.  What a sad thought.

The other thing I find troubling is how he ended up crashing into the building.  You can certainly imagine problems when taking off or landing as these actions are the standard part of every flight, but randomly crashing into a building?  Something very bad must have happened; planes just shouldn't do that.  The other odd thing is that the news said that he had a parachute system which means that if the engine died, he could just pop out the parachute and float down.  Clearly something catastrophic happened to cause this accident.

I have often thought it would be fun to learn to fly, but when I hear about things like this it makes me glad that I never acted on that impulse.

Regardless of my pondering, my thoughts go out to the Lidle family at this time of great loss. 

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