I have been watching much of the ALCS and have been so frustrated with Red Sox. In game one, they were killed by Schilling’s injury. He gave up so many runs early and the Red Sox just couldn’t recover.

In game two, Pedro actually pitched reasonably well, but received no support from the offense. Those guys could not hit the side of a barn if they tried.

Now we are in game 3 and once more the Sox are having difficulties. While their offense did show up today, their pitching is hopeless. Every time they score or take a lead, their pitching fails them and the Yankees jump ahead. It is ridiculous. They have now brought in a starter, Tim Wakefield, who they are hoping will have some impact. The reality is that the Red Sox are not playing like they deserve to be here. They are a much better team, but aren’t playing like it. Honestly, I really question whether they even deserve to be in the position. Unless, they show a major performance improvement, they have absolutely no chance to do anything.

I am personally fed up with the situation and am taking a break from the game. All I can say at this point is “Go Patriots!”

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