Olympics in HD?

I was very enthusiastic when I heard that NBC was going to broadcast the Olympics in HD. As I have mentioned before, HDTV is fantastic and provides and noticeably better picture than standard definition. Needless to say, I had visions of seeing the perspiration on runners face, the grimace from gymnasts and a wide variety of other details that you only get on HD.

In the end I was disappointed. Evidently NDC does not have many HDTV cameras or enough bandwidth. Thus the end result is that their HD coverage was limited. While the opening cermonies were in HD, the only other events that are in HD are swimming. Thus if you are into watching every conceivable swimming event then you are in luck. If you are like me and like to watch a variety of events, you are completely screwed. I am completely disenchanted and am not watching any HD. I find swimming kind of boring and am sick of the hype of Michael Phelps. Not that he is not a great athelete, but how many times do I need to hear the commentators prattle on about him. Please.

I guess in the end, this is just a general reflection of HD as a whole. While the picture is truly fantastic, the reality is that there is just not enough of it around.

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