’05 Football Season

It is amazing, but the 2004-2005 season started last night with the Hall of Fame Bowl between the Redskins and Broncos. I cannot believe that it is time for football already. I, of course, am very excited another season and am keeping my fingers crossed that the Patriots continue their winning ways. It is always difficult for a Superbowl winner to come back and repeat and in fact in many cases Superbowl teams do terribly the next year. (Remember the last time they won the ‘bowl? They did not even make the playoffs the next year.)

The challenge for the Pats this year is the loss of some of their offensive and defensive linemen. Clearly they drafted well and got some other players from free agency, but it remains to be seen whether they will have a replacement for the dominant Ted Washington.

That not to say that things are looking bad. The acquisition of Corey Dillon and the return of Roosevelt Colvin both bode well for the team. Most importantly, the team is not so much about individual talent, but rather about collective success. The big question is whether they can come into this season with the same hunger and drive from last year or whether last year’s success will impact their outlook.

We shall see. Needless to say, I am keepin my fingers crossed that they show the same fire as last year.

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