Superbowl Thoughts

Well as I previously posted, this Superbowl was no walk in the park. Once more, the Pats squandered many opportunities, but found a way to win in the end.

This is what makes the team great — they always find a way to win. It might not be pretty, and it may not be until the last play, but they always find a way.

Hats off to Tom Brady on an exceptional performance. Yeah the interception in the end zone was terrible, but other than that he did a stellar job in driving the team. The amazing thing is that he maintains his cool and focus regardless of the situation. Whether it is 1st and 10 in 1st quarter on 3rd and 9 on the final game winning drive, he maintains an even composure.

Hats off also to the Panthers. They played extremely well and showed incredible resiliency especially when the Pats went ahead early. They kep the game close.

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