The recent news of John Kerry’s win in NH made me ponder politics a bit tonight. In general, I tend to be conservative fiscally and socially liberal. This always creates problems because I find Democrats to be too liberal fiscally and Republicans to be too conservative socially. Anyway, I am digressing.

The interesting thing about the current campaign is John Kerry. I actually have some history with John Kerry as I went to elementary school with his younger daughter. She was quite nice.

I also used to see him around Beacon Hill. In fact I actually spoke to him once in the ice cream store across the street from 7-11. Interestingly, he was a total jerk. He replied perfunctorily to my question (I don’t remember the question, but it was something very mundane related to politics.) and copped this huge attitude. It is funny how one encounter can completely color your opinion about a person. Now I understand that he could have been having a bad day; however, it is a politicians job to listen to his constituency. The net result is that I am cheering for everyone but John Kerry in this primary.

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