Red Sox Trade

The A-Rod/Nomar trade discussions just keep dragging on. I really want this trade to happen because I think that it will really benefit the Red Sox. Nomar is a great player, but A-Rod is better. Furthermore, getting rid of Ramirez would be a great thing because of his work ethic and general attitude.

The trade will really benefit the MLB by bringing even more talent to the Sox, but yet the players union is extrememly short-sighted and doing everything they can to sabotage it. Who cares if A-Rod takes a pay cut to go to the Sox. He has already indicated that he would be willing to take the cut. He may lose some cash but in all honesty he already makes more than one would spend in a lifetime so who cares. Additionally, A-Rod may lose cash related compensation, but what about the other benefits he would gain in sponsorships and the intangible benefit of playing for a world series contender. Doesn’t that have any value?

The union does not care about any of this and because of it, this deal may not go through which ends up hurting everyone. Come on wake up guys! This is the real world and people do sometimes take pay cuts and compensation packages encompass more than the salary you are paid.

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