Server Problems

Web hosting has been miserable as of late — I have had a ton of problems with this server. The machine went down unexpectedly in early November due to a hardware problem. It took me forever to diagnos the issue, but I finally localized down to a bad CPU. I went ahead and replaced the CPU and a couple of fans for good measure. In the meantime, I had a second server running to send and receive mail.

I finally received the parts for this computer last week and returned it to its rightful position. Unfortunately, I found that this server had a weird software problem this AM so I took it down and returned the second server into service. I troubleshot this server and found everything to be okay. The problem was that the older server was running an older version of Linux (7.1) and it was not fully up-to-date on patches. I then found that a hacker had broken into the machine. At that point all was lost on the second box.

Well, I finally made one last run tonight and got this machine back up and running. Arrgggghhhh. This just has not been my week for web hosting.

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