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Well, I watched the Sox game today, virtually. I actually used the MLB gameday
function from Major League Baseball’s site. I was so annoyed early on Lowe gave away those three runs.

The Red Sox just have not been doing a great job in the ALCS. While they have won two games, I attribute these largely to the stellar job by Tim Wakefield, Mike Timlin and Williamson. Each of these guys did a great job. The problem is that the rest of Sox pitching staff is mediocre.

Yeah, I know that we have Pedro, but honestly I have not been all that impressed with his pitching. Sure he is a good pitcher, but he is not the dominator that he once was. I would say that he is okay, but not incredible. Unfortunately, beyond Pedro, the quality of the bullpen declines dramatically.  This fact was proven again tonight where Lowe game up so many runs early on.

On the flip side, the blame also has to rest on the offense. People like Nomar G. and Ortiz have not held their weight. Nomar’s average in the playoffs is .111. What is wrong with these guys?

In the end, playoffs are the time when stars need to step up to the plate and shine. We have not seen that with the Red Sox. The majority of the team’s biggest stars have not shined, and this has been one of the key downfalls of the Red Sox.

Unfortunately, I think that the Red Sox are doomed to fail again this year. It is just too much to ask for them to win both games in NYC especially since their best pitcher in the series, Time Wakefield, won’t be available for the next game.

I guess there is always next year……

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