Red Sox Again

Well I honestly cannot believe it. The Red Sox have won two straight on the A’s and are now even in the series. It is quite a miracle that they have made this comeback; being the skeptical fan that I am, I am nervous that this comeback is actually part of a nefarious plan to ensure that Boston’s heart gets broken again by the Red Sox! Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting a conspiracy or anything, but this could be one more example of how the Sox make it so far and then blow it at the last minute. I am keeping me fingers crossed on this. I just hope that I can watch and that do not schedule it during the day like they did last week. Who ever thought of that — Bonehead.

I unfortunately missed last nights game. It sounded like a total mess with two somewhat uncertain calls about one A not touching homeplate and another one being interefered with. I don’t know if it will reach the same level of hysteria as the “tuck rule” during the Pats Superbowl run, but it certainly has the makings. It really comes down to what happens tomorrow. If the Sox win the series then people will be up in arms about the calls; if the A’s win then it will most likely be forgotten. We’ll see. Regardless, we are definitely in for an exciting game 5. Now if only they would broadcast it in 720p HD — Maybe next year.

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