Pats — Who is Cloud?

I tuned in for the second half of the Pats game today and was surprise to see an unfamiliar face in the backfield — someone named Cloud. I was shocked to see that this guy could actually run the ball? It is kind of weird because I was expecting to see Kevin Faulk, but he was nowhere to be seen. I guess he is another victim of the injury gremlin that has plagued the Pats all year. Interestingly, Antowain Smith was healthy and yet we never saw much of him either.

The good news was that Cloud did a really great job running. I was extremely impressed with his performance.

The trouble with scenarios like these is you cannot actually tell if a guy is good from one game. Sure he looked extremely strong and scored two touchdowns, but it is only one game and it is unclear if he will be able to maintain his performance going forward. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this guy is not a one time flash in the pan.

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