More thoughts about HDTV

I now have a bit more experience watching HDTV and while, I still love HDTV, the quality of the image definitely varies. Yesterday I watched Fox’s HD feeds for its early NFL game. The simple reality is that the image quality was just not that great. Sure it was better than standard definition, but nearly as good as it could be. They were still broadcasting in 4:3 with marginally better sharpness.

I was a but frustrated with this. Then last night, I watched ESPN Sunday Night Football. Holy Shit! The image quality in that game was outstanding. Seriously, it was definitely the best looking football images I have ever seen. You really need to check it out yourself to believe.

I was hoping that tonight’s ABC MNF feed would be similarly in quality to ESPN’s since they are both owned by Disney. Well, I am happy to say that it is of similar quality.

Those of you who do not have HDTV do yourself a favor and check it out. This is truly incredible.

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