I am in the process of designing and implementing a home theater system. This weekend, a technician from Comcast came in and installed a HDTV compatible set-top box. After setting it up and displaying HDTV content, all I can say is wow! HDTV is worlds better than standard content. It is immediately noticeable even for non-videophiles. After watching HD, it is almost painful to watch standard definition.

The one problem with Comcast’s HDTV feed in the Boston area is that they have not been able to sign a deal with our local CBS station. (which I believe is CBS owned and operated.) This means that I have HD feeds from NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox, ESPN and a couple of others, but not CBS. This is quite a bummer since I am a huge football fan and CBS is the primary broadcaster of football. Come on Comcast, get this thing sorted out we need more HDTV!

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