Monday Night Football

I am sitting here watching Monday Night Football and am feeling a bit annoyed. Is it because, the Raiders are looking awful? Nope, I could care less about that; my frustration is with the lateness of Monday Night Football. I would love to stay up and watch the entire game, but there is just no way that I can do that and still get a decent nights sleep. Does ABC really think that people will stay up until 12:30+ to watch the end of the game?

I suppose it is a trade off between west coast and east coast viewers; however, I still find it annoying that I can never watch a complete game. I remember that a couple of years ago, the NFL tried starting MNF at 8:00. That was much better IMO, but for some reason it got canned. (Could it be due to complaints from the West Coast?)

The simple reality is that I would much rather be on the west coast when it comes to Monday Night Football.

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