Recent Article about electronics on airliners

I recently saw this article on the ‘net. It is odd how the article contradicts much of what previous studies have shown. I have read numerous studies in the past that showed that laptop and other electronics did not emit enough RF energy to cause problems. What is the deal? Why is it that these guys are blaming everything on these devices.

I believe that the above article is similar to chicken little yelling “the sky is faling.” I do not doubt that RF signals from cellphones can potentially cause interference with plane electronics, but I doubt that the problems are as widespread as suggested above. I think that this is the classic case of these devices being blamed unfairly for other problems with the plane.

At the end of the day, I am fine with the rules prohbiting use of electronics during take off and landing and of cellphones constantly. However, I can imagine some group jumping on the above article and arguing that it justfies banning all electronics any time in flight. That would be a huge mistake.

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