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XBox Live has been with us for about a month now. I had a ton of time to play with it for the first few weeks, but now my schedule has gotten very tight. My experience with it was overall positive. I am very interested to see what future downloads are available for the system. There is talk of a number of d/ls for the games that would make things much more interesting. In particular, I know that the updates for MechAssault include CTF games, updated chat rooms and a bunch of other stuff. These additions will make MA the best XBL game IMO. I also have UC and GR, but my current favorite is MA. It is not as frenetic as UC and faster than the painfully slow GR. Regardless, each of these games show the potential of XBL. Interestingly we are still in the very early stages of XBL so I am hoping
that we see even more interesting games for XBL in the future.

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