Job hunting is a real pain especially in this economy and it really makes you realize who your friends are. I have spent a ton of time networking with friends, classmates and alumni and get mixed results. Some people are extremely helpful and are willing to make an extra effort while others are indifferent and refuse to return your phone calls. I understand that people are busy; however, a return phone call does not take that much effort and in fact could pay huge dividends in the future. I guess it comes down to priorities. Are you willing to take the time to help an acquaintance or friend or not? I can tell you from my experience as someone unemployed, that I really appreciate the people who have made a special effort. They gain my respect. This has brought on a personal realization; I never want to be one of those indifferent people. Instead I will make an effort to help people as many have helped me. I am not just doing this because it is the right thing to do, but also in respect to the people who have made an effort for me during this tough economy. What about you? Are you willing to make the same commitment?

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