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Well the good news is that I got into the XBox Live! beta! I am really excited about it as I think the future of gaming is definitely online. That is the good news the bad news is that I cannot log into the server where I have to register. Evidently, Microsoft is overloaded and cannot handle the situation! Hah, how funny is that, an online service that won’t even let you register. Whooops, not a very good thing. Regardless, I am going to keep trying. I will have them send me the stuff via some form of express shipping and will post thoughts and experiences in the Forum when I get the system up and running.

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21 thoughts on “XBox Live!”

  1. I really just have a question, I just got picked for the XBL Beta Test program as well. Are there any other billing
    methods (other than credit card) that I can use to pay for and receive my XBL Beta Starter Kit? I really wanna get
    this thing, but I don’t actually own a credit card. I have family members that own them, but as usual, they’re
    skeptical of the online purchasing idea. So what do you think I should if there are no other billing methods??

  2. The beta test of XBox requires a credit card. Basically you have to purchase the kit via special Microsoft mail
    order. I suppose they could accept checks but they have chosen not to. The net result is that it does require a
    credit card. On a side note, you might have a debit card, but when I signed up, MS specified that debit cards in
    would not work either. The result is that yo need an actualy credit card.

  3. I have the XBL beta and I am now up and running – it is superb but does anyone know when we can buy games to use on
    it cos you only get 2 demos and as good as they are – I want more.

  4. That is kind of stupid for gamers to have a credit card in order to play online on xbox live, I mean what is
    Microsoft them thinking. Most gamers don’t have credit cards, and if they want to make some money off Xbox live, they
    should not require credit cards because most gamers Do Not have any credit cards. They SHOULD NOT require credit
    cards to use xbox live, that’s kind of stupid, don’t ya think??

  5. i…have bought xbox live today. its the 15th of november. and i was first in line to get it at eb. i ran home popped
    it in my box only to find u need a bloddy credit card. a credit card!!!!!!! i dont have one of those, never mind
    asking my mom to lend me hers. what the hell is microstink thinking? im guessing there going to loose 30-40% of live
    gamers because of this . and trust me theres no way around this. so now im stuck with a 120 dollar router and unreal
    championship (wich also shipped today) with are now pretty much useless. what ass thought of this credit card idea?
    wholy shit so i guess im gonna have to return my starter kit, cause besides a funny lookin anal probe its pretty much
    useless too. thanks alot mr bill gates. u just lost a customer

  6. yeah… me to… i bought an xbox just to be able to run xbox live and now im stuck bc i dont have a CC#…. i think
    its bull shit but hopfuly they will take cheaks in the futur bc they say they have sold alot but i bed nearly half
    dont have cc#s so they cant use them lol microsoft… U F*CKED UP ON THIS ONE

    XMAS. Another question, does halo work on xbox live because if it doesnt that sucks shit.Thats like the overall best
    xbox game!!!!

  8. I’m sure you have all heard this before…but I too do not have a credit card. It’s funny that Microsoft thinks that
    everygamer in this world has good credit. I’m soo pissed. The store I bought my starter kit from has a no return
    policy. I pretty much screwed. Why doesnt someone come up with a credit card crack?

  9. I hate this bull. its my birthday I have nba 2k3 and unreal champ and a xbox live shiter kit. I was so happy till
    that billing thing poped up on the screen.I was so pissed I called them they said in the future they will come up
    with a way to just use your 1 year free subscription with out useing a cridit card number. I dont have future time I
    need it now it ends in june.

  10. me and my friend just purchased xbl.
    We have been practicing online for about a
    month with unreal.
    we install and what do u know.
    A GOD DAM CC for what.
    we paid $50 to sit and stare
    at a screen that asks
    for a Credit card number
    i hope microsoft sends out free CC’s.

  11. me and my friend just purchased xbl.
    We have been practicing online for about a
    month with unreal.
    we install and what do u know.
    A GOD DAM CC for what.
    we paid $50 to sit and stare
    at a screen that asks
    for a Credit card number
    i hope microsoft sends out free CC’s.

  12. i have 2 convince my parents to lead me their cc#,or i can steal it like i usually do

  13. I think it is crap to that you have to have a credit card to play online because i am only 14 years old and my mother
    don’t have good credit and she don’t have a credit card either but they did say on that when you
    buy the starter kit it already pays for the first 12 months unless they were lying but i still think it is aload of

  14. wtf is with needing a credit card for XBL? it’s bull shit! i’m 16….i’m not eligible for a CC and my parents don’t
    believe in them…… wtf? Microsoft is f*ckin DUMB for making children beg for their parents CC#’s to play XBL.

  15. XBOX LIVE MAJOR Credit Card

    How foolish and stupid of Microsoft to believe/think that every one has, or can have access to a Credit Card or
    Debit Card, or even wants to use a Credit Card or Debit Card!!!…….

    You buy Xbox Live kit, but you CANT use it unless you have a Visa, MasterCard, American Express MAJOR CREDIT CARDS or
    Debit Cards with Visa/Matercard??…….

    Microsoft say its to be used with other downloadable content but you dont have acess to these cards to use in the
    first place??…..

    Most people just wanna play other people, not PAY for other downloads after they have PAYED already!

    Microsoft should allow all OLD and NEW xbox live kits to logon and work with “Valid Subscription codes” without any
    Credit or Debit card details,or have it as an option!!……

    In my view Microsoft should provied “Valid Subscrition code” owners with free Xbox live Subscrition TopUp cards based
    on their original Subscritions Codes!!, or “give out free Xbox Live MAJOR Credit Cards!!!”

    What a waste of money time and effort

  16. i for one before i bought the game asked the clerk at the store if you needed a credit card or if they had a special
    way of paying before i get my first year free and they told me “no” so i bought the damn thing and put it in…then
    the billing came up…then i was like WTF!!! i called the store back and they said i couldnt return the god damn
    thing because i opened it when they specifically told me that there were no catches…then i called up the support
    and the person on the line was such a bitch to me when i talked to her calmly, she decided to get pissed at me
    because i asked if there was another way to pay and she flipped out and so i hung up on her…so basically i payed
    $50 for a god damn headset….GG XBL!!!!!!

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